Aging and Disability Course 5 CEU’s

This five hour course addresses the special needs of the elderly and how best to implement appropriate care. We examine the fall risks of the elderly and how to prevent or reduce the impact on a resident. We discuss the biological and physical aspects of the aging and implications for care. Topics include: Heart and Lungs, Kidney and Bladder, Muscles, Bones, Tendons and Ligaments, Nervous and Immune System, Brain, Intelligence and Memory, Vision, Hearing, Digestion, Taste, Smell, Mouth and Teeth, Skin, Hair and Nails. We will present the best practice for bedridden clients as well as End of Life cultural influences.

Module 1 Aging and Disability - Modules 1
Unit 1 Aging & Disability - Introduction  
Unit 2 Module 1 Aging & Disability -  
Module 2 Module 2 Aging and Disability
Unit 1 Module 2 Aging & Disability  
Module 3 Module 3 End of Life
Unit 1 Module 3 Aging & Disability -  
Unit 2 Final Quiz for Aging and Disability