How do I use this website?

I’m a current student and I can’t login to my course, what is the problem? You may be using the wrong password, contact the office for your password. It is not your login password, it is a special access passcode. What are the registration requirements? You must register online to take an online class and use your own address and phone number, not the facility where you work. You must have a valid email address and not a facilities. Why take an online class verse taking it on campus? Taking an online class may be easier for some rather than coming to a campus but you miss the interaction with a classroom environment.  The cost is less online and you can take it when you have the time. You can stop after a unit and continue later. I can’t login to a course that is paid for, what is the problem? If it is the first time you are accessing a course and you cannot start, it may be that the payment has not been authenticated. I may take some time due to fraud protection that is part of the payment gateway. If you need to start within 30 min of payment we can give you access through the back end of our site. Please call the office and we will expedite the process. Error Message 503: 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable. Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area/ Please contact Support if you need assistance. You are receiving this message because you have logged in on different computers and has a limit for computer access. Login on original computer and we can remove this for future logins. Call the office to reset IP. Who gets the original certificate when the testing is complete?  If you have personally paid for the course you will get the original certificate and then you should make a copy for your facility. If the facility paid for the course they get the original and you do not get a copy from us. We highly recommend you pay for your own.
Are these courses good for other states?
Each state is different, and some require classroom training and others online is totally acceptable. The Chronic illness, Mental Illness, Aging Overview and Elder Abuse are good for most states. The Medication Management will not work for your state because there is no testing online. Since we are a Postsecondary School (College for PCA and DCW) most will accept the certificate. It is up to you to make sure it is acceptable as there are no refunds after beginning to take the course.  Will I be able to print my certificate after a course online?  After passing the final exam at the end of the training, you will be able to print the certificate. If you have not passed with an 80% or better you will not get to print a certificate. You may take the test again only after we receive notification of failure. Each student may view the training material again before re-taking the test. I’m a CNA do I have to take a class? Since a CNA is a nursing assistant you have a different scope of practice and in Assisted Living there is a different scope of practice. To understand the regulations and avoid problems you would want to take the basic 10 hour class for Direct Care Workers since you are not working as a CNA in the facility. I’m from out of state and have years of experience and certification, do I still need classes? The simple answer is YES. Nevada wants its own certificates and for you to understand Nevada regulations. There are so many states that don’t even require training and that does not work for the State of Nevada.  Remember you are in the healthcare industry and that usually requires continuing education. Those who read lead! You must always invest in yourself to become all you can be.

I can’t move on to the test portion.

You have not completed a module and it will not move forward. Another possible: you may take a test but you did not pass the test with 80% or better and you still can not move on to next Module. Call the office and you will be given access to re-take the test. The button for submit does not work because you have not answered all the questions.

What is HHA? 

Looking to become Home Health Aide or PCA?

Our In-Home Care Aide Program of Accelerated Online 10 hours or our 16 hour   In-Home Care Aide Class will equip you to work as a PCA or if you are a CNA a Home Health Aide.


Many ask what is the difference between PCA and Home Health Aide (HHA). To work  for a PCA company you do not have to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  A CNA has to be certified as a Home Health Aide by taking a Medicaid PCA training course of 16 hours to work as a HHA.  You must understand Medicaid’s “Scope of Practice” in order to work in that environment.
Home health care aides working for an employer receiving reimbursements from Medicare or Medicaid must obtain training and pass a competency evaluation or earn a state certification.
   The In-Home Aide program cover subjects such as:
Cooking for special dietary needs
Personal hygiene
Basic safety techniques
How to respond to an emergency
Infection control
Basic nutrition