Diabetic Training Overview (1 CEU)

This introductory course regarding Diabetic will cover include what is diabetes, facts, and myths, the several types of diabetes. This covers the importance of glucose and insulin and the overall effect on the body. Students will learn about the most common types of complications associate with multiple forms of diabetes and the importance of care and infection prevention.

Module 1 Overview of Diabetes
Unit 1 Diabetes Defined  
Unit 2 Types of Diabetes  
Unit 3 Blood Sugars Highs and Lows and Complications  
Unit 4 Treatment Overview  
Module 2 How to Use a Glucometer
Unit 1 Glucometer, Supplies and Procedures  
Unit 2 When to test and How to Interpret the Information  
Module 3 Pressure Ulcers
Unit 1 What are Pressure Ulcers and prevention  
Module 4 Medications and Insulin
Unit 1 Oral Medications and Insulin Procedures  
Module 5 Coumadin
Unit 1 Coumadin  
Module 6 How to Take Vitals and Proper Documentation
Unit 1 How to take Vitals  
Unit 2 Diabetic and Vital Exam