Guidelines for Zoom

Guidelines for Virtual Training

There are certain requirements for participating in the new (but temporary) virtual training for the 8 hour Medication Management training.
1. In order to participate you must have access to video webcam and the application software Most laptops have a built in camera so that may be an option.This is a free program platform for all who want to attend virtual classes.
2. If you do not have access to a webcam conferencing you will have to wait until the Governors order is lifted or take the video 8 hour refresher online here. But remember you will need to take the verbal testing on zoom anyway or wait until we open our campus.
3. You may find videos on YouTube under ZOOM.
4. Verbal testing takes approximately 50-60 min. The 8 hour online training will be scheduled as soon as possible following verified course completion. 
5. Enrolled VIRTUAL students will receive two student packages via email prior to training. These packages must be printed in order to participate during class.
  • The first student package will contain all forms and materials for your knowledge.
  • Testing Package.  This will include the Answer Sheet, instructions on how to complete the sheet and how to submit the test and a class evaluation sheet.
6. We will email you a downloadable PDF file of the Medication Manual you viewed on ZOOM. These files will include a password to view and download but they are not printable.
7. The hands on portion of our normal classroom experience will be altered but hopefully we can still proved student interaction in an appropriate manner.
8. Do to the nature of our current global crisis this class has been temporarily approved by the Bureau of Healthcare and Compliance but with the understanding we all must maintain testing integrity  We will provide testing verbally for students.