Alzheimer’s and Dementia Certification (2.5 CEU’s)

The Alzheimer's and Dementia Care 2 hour course (CEU's) will instruct caregivers/PCA's to recognize that persons with dementia have the same basic needs for security, shelter, nutrition and affection as other adults. Students will learn about the four brain lobes and how atrophy of those areas affect the persons actions, feelings and behaviors. You will learn how to meet the needs as this progressive disease causes increasing dependence on the Direct Care Worker. This is part of a 16 hour training program and will increase in a set of Series to accomplish the hours. Remember all our courses are approved for Continuing Education Units from the Nevada Nursing Board. (CEU's)

Module 1 Defining Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
Unit 1 Characteristics of Dementia  
Unit 2 Overview of the Brain  
Unit 3 The 4 A's of Dementia  
Unit 4 Introduction to Dementia  
Unit 5 Introduction to Alzheimer's  
Unit 6 Stages of Alzheimer's and Warning Signs  
Unit 7 Other Forms of Dementia Vascular  
Unit 8 Fronto-Temporal Dementia  
Unit 9 Wernicke, Korsakoff's & Alcohol Dementia's  
Unit 10 Lewy Body Dementia  
Unit 11 Parkinson's Disease  
Unit 12 Huntington's and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease  
Module 2 Treatments and Medications
Unit 1 Treatment for Cognitive Symptoms  
Unit 2 Treatment for Cognitive Behaviors  
Unit 3 Recognizing Challenging Behaviors  
Unit 4 Medication Cautions  
Module 3 Traumatic Brain Injury 1
Unit 1 Traumatic Brain Injury  
Module 4 Measuring Traumatic Brain Injury 2
Unit 1 Measuring Traumatic Brain Injury  
Module 5 Final Testing
Unit 1 Dementia Exam