Mental Illness & Developmental Disabilities 8 CEU’s

This course will cover a variety of Mental disorders including Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders.

Module 1 Introduction to Development Disabilities CEU's
Unit 1 A.Providing Support & B. Physical Disabilities  
Unit 2 Nick V - Video  
Unit 3 C. Impairments: Hearing  
Unit 4 C. Impairments: Visual  
Unit 5 Charles Bonnet Syndrome Video  
Unit 6 C. Impairments: Speech  
Unit 7 D. Mental Retardation  
Unit 8 E. Syndromes: Down Syndrome  
Unit 9 E. Syndromes: Fragile X  
Unit 10 E. Syndromes: Fetal Alcohol  
Unit 11 F. Cerebral Palsy G.Mental Illness  
Unit 12 H. Alzheimer's Type Dementia  
Unit 13 I. Multiple Sclerosis  
Unit 14 J. Epilepsy  
Module 2 Understanding Psychiatric Disorders
Unit 1 A. Mood Disorders Introduction  
Unit 2 A. 1. Major Depression  
Unit 3 Major Depression  
Unit 4 Suicide and Depression  
Unit 5 A. 2. Bipolar  
Unit 6 Bipolar  
Unit 7 A. 3.Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders  
Unit 8 Persons with Schizophrenia  
Unit 9 Medications , Side effects, Stress  
Unit 10 B. Anxiety Disorders  
Unit 11 PTSD  
Unit 12 Anxiety Types  
Unit 13 Ways to Reduce Anxiety  
Unit 14 GAD  
Unit 15 Panic Attack  
Unit 16 C. Myths VS Facts of Mental Illness  
Unit 17 Myths VS Facts of Mental Illness & Treatments  
Unit 18 D.Treatment Options  
Unit 19 Anti-psychotic Medications  
Unit 20 D. Additional Treatment Options  
Unit 21 Antidepressants for Depression  
Unit 22 Lithium & Medications  
Module 3 Positive Behavior Support
Unit 1 A. Understanding Behaviors  
Unit 2 B. Caring for Residents & C. Role of Direct Care Workers  
Unit 3 D. Minimize Risks  
Unit 4 E. Techniques for Effective Support & F. Personal Safety  
Module 4 Module 4 Working with Outside Agencies
Unit 1 A. Working with Outside Agencies  
Unit 2 Final Exam for Mental Illness