Direct Care Worker/In-Home Care Aide with Medicaid Certification (16 CEU’s)

This 16-hour course will provide the core fundamentals of Caregiving and PCA work. You will have a greater understanding of your "Scope of Practice" as a Direct Care Worker and Personal Care Attendant (PCA & HHA) . We will cover Legal and Ethical Issues, Observing and Reporting and Documentation guidelines. Infection control and how to stop the spread of disease and the prevention methods are also reviewed. Activities of Daily Living and skin integrity are covered as well as stages of skin damage and preventative measures. This course includes the Medicaid Certificate sent directly to you or the facility. You will attend a CNA school for the additional hands-on training at the end of this online course. 

Module 1 Overview of Providers and Training Requirements
Unit 1 Direct Care Workers Introduction  
Unit 2 Regulatory Agencies for All Direct Care Workers  
Unit 3 Non-Medicaid PCA/ Personal Care Attendants  
Unit 4 Direct Care Worker/Caregivers  
Module 2 Overview of Legal and Ethical Issues
Unit 1 Avoiding Legal Action, Ethical Principles  
Unit 2 Resident and Worker Rights  
Unit 3 Confidentiality HIPAA  
Unit 4 Advance Directives and DNR's  
Module 3 Overview of Observing, Reporting and Documentation
Unit 1 Purpose of Observing, Reporting and Documentation  
Unit 2 Care Plans, Reporting and Documenting  
Unit 3 Medicaid Serious Occurrence Reporting  
Module 4 Overview Infection Control & Prevention
Unit 1 The Spread of Disease and Prevention  
Unit 2 Common Conditions Bloodborne and Non-Bloodborne  
Unit 3 Policies and Guidelines  
Module 5 Overview of Personal Care ADL
Unit 1 Basic Principles of ADL's Overview  
Unit 2 ADL's Hygiene Needs  
Unit 3 ADL Bed Bath  
Unit 4 Aggressive Behaviors and Dementia  
Unit 5 Skin Integrity  
Unit 6 Toileting & Incontinence Care  
Unit 7 Urinary Incontinence  
Unit 8 Control of Incontinence  
Unit 9 How to change a brief  
Unit 10 Catheter Care  
Unit 11 Urinary Track Infections  
Unit 12 Colostomy Care  
Unit 13 Colostomy Bags  
Unit 14 Psychosocial Issues to Colostomy  
Unit 15 Assistance and Concerns  
Module 6 Transfers and Positioning
Unit 1 Principles of Body Mechanics  
Unit 2 Transferring and Assistive Devises  
Unit 3 How to use a Gait Belt  
Unit 4 Final Exam for Caregiving/PCA/Direct Care Workers